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Self Pay Visits

A Super bill will be provided to you after your paid visit.   This, along with your paid invoice is what you supply to your insurer for possible reimbursement for your visit.  We recommend that you check with your insurer to understand what your plan covers.  Reimbursement is mandated under the Affordable Care Act,  but Little Bean Lactation cannot guarantee reimbursement.  We do not file claims and we do not appeal rejected claims. 

SLIDING SCALE FOR WIC and MEDICAID RECIPIENTS:  please inquire for more information 


  •  Initial Visit:  $325.00

  •  Follow Up Visits:

    • 60 min: $250.00 


  •  Initial Visit:  $350.00

  •  Follow Up Visits:

    • 60 min: $300.00


  • Initial Visit : $250.00

  • Follow Up:  45min: 200.00 



Fees include one week of messaging support in our patient portal.   Persistent issues that do not resolve within that time will require a scheduled follow up appointment.   New issues that arise after your initial consultation require their own assessment and scheduled follow up. 

Click the logos  above for verification of  your insurance coverage for lactation consultations.  


Humana, Anthem, Cigna and  Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO PLANS:   The Lactation Network guarantees your initial lactation consultation and follow ups based on your needs (in person or virtual) with a registered IBCLC , at no out of pocket cost.  Paperwork & insurance billing is completed for you. 

Aetna in network families:  up to 6 visits is typical but please check with your insurer to understand your deductibles and what your policy covers. 

Payment / Cancellation Policies

  • Self pay clients: Payment required prior to service. Insurance super bill provided after our visit. 

  • Cancellation: 24 hours notice

  • Cancellation fee: $50.00

  • Overtime: $25.00 each additional 15 minutes for virtual visits and $50.00 for office visit 

  • More information about insurance coverage in this National Women’s Law Center free toolkit.



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Insurance  Covered Visits 

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