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postpartum recovery consult

A postpartum recovery session prepares mothers for a smoother and healthier transition from birth to  bringing home a new baby. 


With a focus on the physical & emotional maternal changes in the first days after birth through the first six weeks postpartum,  I help women understand the changes they are undergoing and the importance of self care and recovery.  With so much focus on the new baby, it is easy to put your own needs aside when in reality, you need more nurturing now then ever before. 

Some topics include:

  • Setting up a support system

  • Creating a postpartum sanctuary

  • Physical changes after birth

  • Healing after C-sections

  • Herbal baths

  • Reflecting on your birth

  • Nutrition while breastfeeding

  • Caring for your breasts

  • Herbs & breastfeeding

  • If you aren't breastfeeding

  • Changes in your body

  • Your digestive system

  • Your pelvic floor

  • Exercise 

  • Getting enough rest 

  • Emotional changes

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