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Services during Flu Season, RSV & Covid 

Little Bean Lactation is currently offering  OFFICE, HOME & TELEHEALTH visits. 


Little Bean Lactation is located at 318 Main Street, Suite 101c in Millburn, NJ.  We allow for a support person in the room during the visit and adhere to the CDC cleaning protocol in between visits.

Little Bean Lactation uses latex free gloves and a KN95 mask while in the office with you. 


Antimicrobial wipes and UVC light with Ozone are used in between visits for a deeper cleaning & sterilization of the entire exam room and it's contents. 

There is a waiting room and restroom available 

Please, do not schedule a home or office visit if you are sick.  Virtual visits can be conducted with extreme effectiveness in the event that you do not feel well.  


All of these measures are necessary to maintain the safest care possible during your appointment. 

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation during these challenging times.  Little Bean is here for you and your baby! 


Eileen Snider, Owner

Little Bean Lactation


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