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Top Recommended Products

Please be aware that Little Bean Lactation is part of the Amazon Associates program.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  However, this does not mean you pay more for any goods you buy through the links I provide.  This page reflects our most recommended products and is intended to make shopping for your items a little bit easier.  


5% of annual earnings will be donated to the Moms Helping Moms Foundation that provides underserved families in New Jersey with essentials like diapers, baby supplies and period products that provide children with a safe and healthy start.

Products for Parent:
* FOR USE AS INSTRUCTED BY YOUR IBCLC or other Medical Care provider


Birth Bag

Postpartum Recovery


C-Section Recovery


Nipple care

Breast care: Engorgement, Mastitis, Clogging, Blebs

Products for Baby : * For use as instructed by your IBCLC 

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