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your first visit after birth

Are you having difficulties feeding your baby?  Does feeding or pumping hurt?  Do you have sore, cracked or bleeding nipples? Swollen or painful breasts?   Are you trying to combination feed with breast & bottle? Are you worried about your baby's weight, feeding behavior or your milk supply?  Does your baby cry a lot or just seems fussy & hungry "all the time"?  These are just a few of the reasons why parents seek out the help of a lactation consultant. 

  • a conversation about your feeding goals

  • evaluation of your current feeding status

  • comprehensive maternal intake including your breast health,  nutrition, prenatal, pregnancy, labor & birth 

  • baby's intake including labor & birth, interventions, weight, stooling, breast &/or bottle feeds, overall behavior & feeding difficulties

  • weighted feeds in office (milk transfer estimation for virtual visits with at home scale) 

  • position and latch assessment

  • functional breastfeeding assessment

  • milk supply assessment & support

  • hand expression, pumping & flange fitting  

  • postpartum care information 

  • a customized care plan 

  • text & phone support for 1 week post visit 

your visit includes:

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